Optimized for 40Gbase-SR4 (Multimode) networks, F8MY-SR4 is a cost effective straight forward solution. It is a perfect connectivity product for appliances like :
  • Packet Flow Switches
  • IDS (security) tools
  • Consolidating Tools
  • Network Monitoring
  • Protocol Analysis
F8MY-SR4 copies all protocol layers, including layer 1&2 errors. It is completely transparent and cause no point of failure.
  • Non intrusive In-Line Monitoring
  • Permanent Network Link guaranteed
  • Monitoring all Protocol Levels
  • No Package Loss, no point of failure
  • Passive, unpowered device
  • All Ports accessible at frontside

Order information :
Split ratio Order Ref
50/50 F8MY-SR4
LinkSpeed supported: 40G Multimode

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